Advantages of billboard

Advantages of billboard

January 21, 2020 Off By biz-runner

Today outdoor advertising is becoming more and more popular. By its popularity, it is already almost equal to television commercials. In this case, the most recognizable carriers of outdoor advertising are the so-called billboards. It is they are most often found on city streets. You can install a sign with the services of this company

Features of a billboard

But first let’s decipher the meaning of this borrowed word. A billboard is the most common billboard of a certain size, installed on the street, in a busy place. Such a place can be an intersection or just a wide avenue. The shield itself is a high-strength metal structure. Its main component parts are a hollow pole with a feeding electric cable and a metal frame frame. It is on the frame and stretched advertising image. As a rule, it is carried out on a polyurethane fabric or other polymeric material. In the upper part of the frame-frame there are special halogen lights, which illuminate the advertising image in the evening.

Efficiency and affordable price

But what exactly do billboards attract advertisers? First of all, with their proven effectiveness. Every day placed on them advertising texts and images see thousands, tens of thousands of people. In this case, outdoor billboards, unlike the same TV-rollers, working for your advertiser around the clock, every day and every hour. Other major advantages of these media are:

  • the cost of placement, which is available to most businesses;
  • the ability to quickly, literally for one day, change the advertising material being placed;
  • unobtrusiveness.

The latter quality is especially important, because in today’s world many citizens perceive advertising simply as background noise. It is known, for example, that most viewers at the moment when a favorite movie or football match is interrupted by an advertising block, go to the kitchen or the toilet. Too annoying advertising is annoying, and there is nothing to be done about it. Advertising billboards do not evoke aggressive emotions in citizens, rather the opposite. Studies show that people are the most loyal to these media. So every self-respecting company should definitely use billboards to promote their products. At least it won’t make it any worse.

The advantages of a large format printing method

We all know that the efficiency factor depends first of all on the qualitative design of the front surface of advertising products, namely, how this product can ideally cope with the tasks – to attract a potential audience and increase the level of sales, promoted brand, trade mark. You should also get acquainted with the services of this service

Due to high resolution, this method is especially ideal for creating large formats, for example, most often used in the design of the working panel of posters, billboards, firewalls, street stretch marks, roof installations, posters, posters, stickers. Here are a few main advantages.

  1. Ideal image quality, is achieved through high, high-quality resolution. Regardless of the size of the format, the sharpness of contours and the saturation of colors are preserved.
  2. The ink is resistant to humidity, temperature drops, ultraviolet.
  3. The quality of the drawing is not affected by the surface of the working panel, which can be not only perfectly flat, but also ribbed, volumetric and shaped.
  4. The main advantage is the lightning drying of ink, which significantly affects the speed of order execution.
  5. The inks perfectly lie on any surface and even on glass, which certainly expanded the possibilities of this method and allowed designers to work and create without any restrictions.